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528 Senior R&D Engineer (Debug and Tools) debugger, tools, processor, lead, open source, dynamic loading, hardware profiling, OS San Jose, CA 04-Apr-2019
527 Sr Principal Simulation Software Engineer C/C++, SytemC, GNU tools, C++, processor simulation, system modeling, performance analysis San Jose, CA 04-Apr-2019
524 GCC Compiler Engineer GCC, compiler, toolchain, optimizations, assemblers, linkers, HPC Remote 1-Mar-2019
525 Remote LLVM Compiler Developer LLVM, compiler, optimization, code generation, VM, blockchain, remote, contract Remote 18-Jan-2019
523 LLVM Compiler Engineer ARM64, LLVM, toolchain, compiler, open source, linkers, assemblers, GIT, Jira, Santa Clara, CA 29-Nov-2018
522 LLVM Compiler Engineer LLVM, Compiler, toolchain, ARM64, open source, Git, Optimization Santa Clara, CA or Marlborough, MA 29-Nov-2018
518 Lead Compiler Engineer Compiler, Scala, Python, blockchain, C++ New York, NY 21-Jun-2018
521 GCC Compiler Engineer compiler, GCC, toolchain, LLVM, Linux kernel, debugger, dynamic translation, GNU, GPU Campbell, CA 04-Jun-2018
520 Compiler Engineer compiler, JIT, GPU, Register allocation, instruction scheduling, graphics, optimization, OpenGL, OpenCL San Jose, CA 03-May-2018
519 Compiler Engineer compiler, LLVM/GCC middle/backend, Android, runtime libraries, ARM Austin, TX 18-Apr-2018

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