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493 High Level Synthesis Software Engineer LLVM, Clang, High-Level Synthesis, algorithm, CPU, GPU, FPGA, Open CL, compiler San Jose, CA 30-May-2016
492 Compiler Engineer compiler, domain specific language, synthesis and verification, switches, network traffic processing Palo Alto, CA 21-May-2016
484 Senior Manager / Compiler and Tools management, compiler development, domain specific language, networking, open source, software, tools, P4, hardware synthesis, startup experience Palo Alto, CA 21-May-2016
485 Compiler Engineer compiler, runtime, network stack, cluster computing, parallel runtimes Palo Alto, CA 28-Dec-2015
482 Embedded Software Architect Embedded device driver development , multi-threaded applications, C/C++, Perl, scripting, FPGA, debugging, scopes and logic-analyzers, tools, GUI, compiler San Mateo, CA 10-Jul-2015
480 Compiler Contract gcc, llvm, compiler, C/C++ Fremont, CA 08-Jul-2015
481 Senior Compiler Engineer / Compiler Architect compiler, JIT, OpenGL/OpenGL-ES, OpenCL, Direct3D (D3D9-10-11), HSA, GLSL/HLSL, Clang, LLVM, Register allocation, instruction scheduling, graphics specific optimizations, SIMD San Jose, CA 08-Jul-2015
471 Senior Compiler Developer R&D ARM, compiler, gcc, LLVM, performance analysis Austin, TX 26-Nov-2014
466 Firmware/Software Engineer low-level drivers to high level GU, Lex and Yacc (Flex and Bison) drivers for USB to SPI, I2C, JTAG and MDIO FPGA and Xilinx or Altera Santa Clara, CA 23-Jul-2014
465 C++ Compiler Developer compiler, parser, tools development, front end, Windows, OS X, iOS and Android platform St. Petersburg, Russia 04-Jun-2014

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