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534 Senior Compiler Engineer compiler, LLVM, machine learning, optimization, code generation, DSP, parallel programming, GCC, ICC, MSVC, algorithm, wireless Boston, MA 26-Sep-2019
512 LLVM Compiler Engineer LLVM, compiler, GPU, C++11, recent query optimizer, database optimizer, vectorization Mountain View, CA 09-Jan-2018
506 Backend Compiler Engineer optimization, vectorization, C/C++, code generation, Scala Mountain View, CA 25-Oct-2017
507 Compiler Engineer DSP, Compiler, optimization, code generation, assembly, runtime libraries Boston, MA 11-Aug-2017
497 Global Integrated Marketing Manager consumer, commercial, b2b, technical, makrting, management, global, digital and social marketing Palo Alto, CA 21-Aug-2016
496 Innovation Program Manager product marketing, program management, project management, innovation, business development, Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Project Cupertino, CA 02-Aug-2016
493 High Level Synthesis Software Engineer LLVM, Clang, High-Level Synthesis, algorithm, CPU, GPU, FPGA, Open CL, compiler San Jose, CA 30-May-2016
489 Marketing Product Development Manager Manager, product development, marketing, FPGA, embedded systems San Mateo, CA 24-Feb-2016
488 Engineering Program Manager marketing, strategy, leadership, management, product marketing, business decision making Houston, TX 04-Feb-2016
480 Compiler Contract gcc, llvm, compiler, C/C++ Fremont, CA 08-Jul-2015

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