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Job #:  437
Job Title:  Low Level Debugger Manager
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  16-Nov-2012
Position:  Engineering-Manager
Location:  Cupertino
Area Code:  408
Skills:  llvm, lldb, open source, lead, management, debugger
Job Description:  Low-Level Debugger Manager
The Low Level Tools group needs an engineering manager to lead the team that produces the LLDB debugger and related technologies. LLDB is a critical part of our developer tools. LLDB recently reached maturity, and many exciting technology directions are now possible.

The manager will lead a team of software developers to set the future direction of the product and the team, and help implement this direction by personally writing code. The ideal candidate would be a technical lead interested in a management position, or a technical manager with a hands-on approach to engineering. Experience working on debuggers is desirable, but not required.

Lead a small team of exceptional debugger engineers
Work hands-on to personally contribute to the debugger code base
Design and implement new features to improve the edit/compile/debug cycle, and enable new debugging workflows
Actively participate in designing and implementing significant software components


5 years of engineering experience
Experience managing a team, or acting as a technical lead
Interest in debuggers, compilers, and other low-level toolchain components
Strong product focus and an expectation of excellence in yourself and your team
Strong written and oral communication skills

Other Useful Skills
LLVM or LLDB experience is a huge plus
Hands on experience working on debuggers and other low level toolchain components
Experience measuring and improving performance
Experience working with Open Source communities
Job #:  437

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