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453 Head of Category Management and Merchandising Marketing, Lead, Category Management experience, interactive web experience, business analyst San Francisco, CA 14-Nov-2013
450 Senior Virtualization Software Engineer open source Xen based Hypervisor, X86, Linux, C/C++ programming, OS concepts & Linux internals Sunnyvale, CA 25-Jun-2013
449 Senior Linux Networking Software Engineer networking, internals, Linux on x86 PCs, wired, wireless, IPv6 Sunnyvale, CA 24-Jun-2013
448 Graphics Driver Engineer OpenGL, graphics drivers, DX, LLVM San Jose, CA 04-Jun-2013
447 Senior Compiler Engineer compiler, LLVM, optimization, C/C++, multicore, parallel, instruction set Austin, TX 30-May-2013
444 iOS Architect/Senior SW Developer iOS, OpenGL, Quartz, Cocoa, UI, CoreAnimation San Jose, CA 02-Apr-2013
446 LLVM Compiler Engineer compiler, LLVM, ARM, code generation, machine dependent optimizations San Diego, CA 02-Apr-2013
445 Android Architect/Sr. SW Developer Android, NDK, OpenGL, ARM, JNI, UI San Jose, CA 02-Apr-2013
443 Principal/Lead Compiler Engineer Lead, LLVM, gcc, Unix, Linux, mult-threaded RISC, GPGPU, Boston, MA 05-Mar-2013
442 CPU Architect cpu, architect, ARM, RISC, micro-architecture, pipeline, hardware design, superscalar, SoC, Mips, caches San Jose, CA 04-Mar-2013
441 Software Engineer (Development Tools) compiler, debugger, linker, tools development, DSP, VLIW, RISC Sunnyvale, CA 30-Jan-2013
440 Compiler Engineer/Javascript compiler, javascript, java, dependency analysis Mountain View, CA 17-Jan-2013
439 Technical Lead / Compiler Engineer compiler, LLVM, GCC, compiler, parallel computing, parallel runtime, lead Denver, CO 28-Dec-2012
438 Manager ; Compiler, parallel processing, gcc, llvm, clang technical lead, management, compilers, parallel computing Boulder, Colorado 17-Dec-2012
437 Low Level Debugger Manager llvm, lldb, open source, lead, management, debugger Cupertino 16-Nov-2012
436 Engineering Manager lead, management, compiler, performance, LLVM, gpu, optimization, code generation, Cupertino, CA 09-Nov-2012
434 GPU Performance Engineer or Architect profiling, design/verification, Verilog, Palladium, Perl, Tcl/Tk, GPU, Performance, San Jose, CA 01-Nov-2012
435 GPU Compiler Architect gpu, compiler, backend, shader, debugging, toolchain, llvm, gcc, open source San Jose, CA 01-Nov-2012
433 Manager/Technical Lead Low Level Tools Engineering manager, lead, compiler, debugger, toolchain Cupertino, CA 28-Oct-2012
432 Sr. SW / HW Engineer Virtual Machines VM, compiler, hypervisors, operating systems, hardware virtualization and computer architecture, garbage collection, dynamic optimization and code generation, research, PhD Santa Clara, CA 24-Oct-2012

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