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Job #:  526
Job Title:  Blockchain Developer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  11-Feb-2019
Position:  SW Engineer
Location:  San Francisco, CA
Area Code:  415
Skills:  Rust, GoLang, blockchain, Solidity, protcol-level coding, Go-ethereum
Job Description:  SF Startup Team will be working on core projects, supporting the coinís blockchain and providing tools for decentralized application development, mining, and services.
We are looking for developers with:
Knowledge of Golang, Rust, Solidity, C+, and virtual machines
Familiarity with protocol-level blockchain development
Experience with the Go-Ethereum Client, smart contracts, and distributed systems
Ability to work on long-term projects with a decentralized team.
Opportunity to work remotely.
Job #:  526

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