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Job #:  455
Job Title:  C/C++ Compiler Developer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  10-Dec-2013
Position:  compiler
Location:  Remote anywhere in US
Skills:  compiler, C/C++, parser, code generation, IR, toolchain, linker
Job Description:  C/C++ Compiler Developers
This is a critical role in building compiler front-ends that are at the core of our company's success
You will own significant components of our tool chain, such as the C/C++ front end, and the intermediate code generator. In addition, you will work on the preprocessor, the type system etc.
Build and support compilers for C/C++
Work on several different compiler components such as front end parsers, the preprocessor, the type system, the IR code generator, etc.
Implement and design key APIs allowing our customers to inject their own processing into the compiler
Job #:  455

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