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421 Platform Sr/Principal Engineer: Linux and Platforms cor development, kernel, windows, linux, drivers, virtualization, security, cloud Milpitas, CA 15-Jun-2012
420 Platform Principal Engineer: Virtualization virtualization, security, VMware, Xen, or KVM core Milpitas, CA 15-Jun-2012
419 Senior Engineer/Technical Lead: Virtualization lead, virtualization, KVM, Xen, VMWare, cloud, hypervisor, security, Linux Milpitas, CA 15-Jun-2012
417 Sr. Software Engineer / EDA Startup, EDA, synthesis, RTL, place & route Sunnyvale, CA 04-May-2012
414 Systems Architecture Tools Software Developer profilers, debuggers, performance analysis, compilers, disassembler Austin, TX 29-Mar-2012
413 Senior Compiler Developer Cuda, OpenCL, EDG, optimization, performance analysis, gcc, LLVM, Open64 Sunnyvale, CA 07-Feb-2012

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