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Job #:  470
Job Title:  Research Engineer OS Kernel
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  02-Oct-2014
Position:  SW Engineer
Location:  Palo Alto, CA
Area Code:  650
Skills:  OS, kernel, Linux, PhD, Scala, Erlang, Swift, Golang, Rust, Hypervisor, virtual memory, threads, interrupts, GPU, Unix, Solaris
Job Description:  Positions for recent PhDs and experienced software developers.
looking for core developers with significant experience in, and passion for, one or more of the following fundamental operating system technologies: virtual memory, threads, scheduling, inter-process communication, virtualization, security primitives, network I/O, and distributed systems.

•Participates as a member of team of other research engineers carrying out the investigation, design, development, execution, and implementation of scientific research projects to generate new products, technologies, and intellectual property.
•Creates portions of research plans, investigative procedures, and collection and analysis guidelines for assigned investigation; collaborates with internal and external partners to perform experiments and validations in accordance with overall research plan.
•Develops and carries out portions of protocols and processes for collecting, recording, and analyzing data; communicates results and conclusions to team members for review and feedback.
•Prepares literature and presentations for peer review, publication, and delivery at industry and scientific events and conferences; creates patent applications and supporting documentation.

- MS or equivalent experience in Computer Science or closely related discipline, Ph.D. preferred.

- Proficiency with the languages appropriate to the tasks involved e.g. C, C++, assembler.

- Knowledge of the privileged architecture of at least one modern 64-bit microprocessor.

- Familiar with the numerous challenges of concurrency, and the software aspects of very large scale multiprocessor systems.

- High tolerance for uncertainty and changes in direction, and the ability to design as well as develop and debug. Recent experience in startups is a plus.

- Great communication skills and an ability to work successfully independently, or as part of teams, across groups and locations in a fast-paced environment.

- Demonstrated ability to collaborate with outside partners, and work constructively in an open source community.

- Candidates should have a strong history of successful software design and implementation, as well as having experience with a large systems-level code base, and should be prepared to be a key technical contributor to a substantial multi-year development effort.

We will also consider candidates with a substantive background in other areas of computer systems, networking, virtualization, computer security, parallel programming, and system modeling and measurement.
Job #:  470

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