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Job #:  477
Job Title:  Graphics Software Tools Lead
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  04-Jun-2015
Position:  SW Engineer
Location:  Mountain View, CA
Area Code:  650
Skills:  GPU, CPU, graphics, game development,, profiling, tools, OpenCL, benchmarks, scripting, Python
Job Description:  Job Function:

You will be a member of a team to specify GPU API level performance test plans, and implement benchmarks and micro-benchmarks for various GPU units. The responsibilities of the team include:

Spec and review GPU performance test plans for graphics (e.g. GLES) and computer (e.g. OpenCL) API

Implement, triage, analyze and regress GPU benchmarks and uBenchmarks

Maintain and extend the test framework

Working closely with the architecture team to select workloads to best quantify and evaluate the performance/Watt and performance/mm2 of the GPU

Mandatory Requirements

Education Degree

& Subject Requirements: BS/MS CS or relevant field

Min. years in role:

Min. years overall: MS -OR- BS with 3 years industrial experience

Subject areas worked: Graphics software, GPU benchmarks and uBenchmarks, profiling tools or game development



Fluent with modern graphics APIs (GL/GLES/DX) and/or compute APIs (OpenCL/Cuda/Renderscript)

Experience with GPU benchmark and micro-benchmark development

Strong experience with C/C++ and scripting language (e.g. Python)

Knowledge of GPU architecture or HW design a plus

Experience with CPU/GPU profiling and debugging tools a plus
Job #:  477

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