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Job #:  485
Job Title:  Compiler Engineer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  28-Dec-2015
Position:  compiler
Location:  Palo Alto, CA
Area Code:  408
Skills:  compiler, runtime, network stack, cluster computing, parallel runtimes
Job Description:  Stealth mode startup company is working on reinventing the open system stack using advanced compiler and runtime techniques to accelerate big data applications seamlessly using commodity hardware such as GPUs, many cores or FPGAs. The company is in the seed stage (highly funded) and provides exceptional packages for their early hires. The positions are very competitive and require one or multiple of the following skills:

-Compiler technology (in particular managed runtimes)
-Big data engine development or other parallel runtimes
-Cluster computing
-Network stack engineer
Job #:  485

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