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Job #:  492
Job Title:  Compiler Engineer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  21-May-2016
Position:  compiler
Location:  Palo Alto, CA
Area Code:  650
Skills:  compiler, domain specific language, synthesis and verification, switches, network traffic processing
Job Description:  Candidate will participate in the technical development of a compiler designed to take as input a new imperative language and to output optimized code for a novel architecture optimized for networking applications. The candidate will be responsible for the definition, design, development, test, debugging, release, enhancement and maintenance of compiler software for a domain specific language for networking applications.


Candidate should have a good understanding of all aspects of compiler and related development and debugging technologies, especially code generation, program analysis, synthesis and verification, constraint satisfaction, and pipeline optimizations. Experience with networking applications is a big plus.

Required Skills:

• Experience with domain specific language design• Experience with program analysis, synthesis and verification• Experience in constraint satisfaction problem solving techniques• Background in software design, implementation and debugging.• Strong communication, teamwork and problem solving skills are essential.
• PHD in CS with 2+ years, or MSEE/CS with 5+ years of experience in a software development position.
Job #:  492

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