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Job #:  494
Job Title:  Software Development Tools Engineer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  22-Jun-2016
Position:  compiler
Location:  Austin, TX
Area Code:  512
Skills:  compiler, toolchain, linker, ARM, LLVM, Python
Job Description:  Team focus is ongoing development of a high performance tool chain used to build the code that drives various modem and applications processor technologies. You will work on an optimizing linker for multiple targets, with a focus on developing a linker back end for ARM 32- and 64-bit targets.
Work as part of a small team to design, develop, and deliver new features on a proprietary linker
Fix bugs in existing code as needed
Coordinate with internal remote ARM LLVM compiler team to:
Establish and maintain an ARM test framework in Austin
Assist with internal customer issue triage and resolution
Deliver features in timeframe necessary to meet release commitments
Communicate with internal customers to understand needs and gather requirements.
Minimum Qualifications
5+ years of experience in the following areas are required:
Software development experience programming in C/C++, Python
Experience with ARM/AArch64 ISA, preferably direct experience with software tools development
Job #:  494

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