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Job #:  500
Job Title:  Compiler Architect
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  11-Jan-2017
Position:  compiler
Location:  San Jose, CA
Area Code:  408
Skills:  compiler, imaging, computer vision, cnn, machine learning, AI, DSP, loop optimization, algorithm, computer architecture
Job Description:  Ground floor opportunity working with team on new efforts to develop programming models for CNN algorithms. This team develops specialized processors capable of delivering orders for neural networks used in computer vision applications. You will be a member of a team making it easier to program these CNN engines and optimizing their software implementations to allow maximal efficiency.

Your responsibilities will include:
o Develop tools that convert standard CNN frameworks into internal representations suitable for optimizations.
o Develop new optimizations to search through optimization space and map algorithms to efficient implementations across a range of processors
o Devise MP partitioning strategies
o Generate C code to realize implementation
o Develop algorithms for automatic conversion of floating point to fixed point
o Develop complex programs to test/validate the functionality and performance of the CNN application programming kit.
o Help in authoring and reviewing product documentation
customers with the use of CNNs; some amount of direct customer interaction may be required.

Required Skills:
Experience with compiler loop optimization algorithms. Knowledge of computer architecture and DSP principles. Expertise in software development, test, debug and release required. Prior work with CNNs a plus. Knowledge of imaging/vision processing algorithms and principles is a plus
Job #:  500

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