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Job #:  413
Job Title:  Senior Compiler Developer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  07-Feb-2012
Position:  compiler
Location:  Sunnyvale, CA
Area Code:  408
Skills:  Cuda, OpenCL, EDG, optimization, performance analysis, gcc, LLVM, Open64
Job Description:  Looking for senior compiler engineers with skills in one or more of the following compiler technology domains:

• Compiler Front End: Implementation of C/C++, Fortran, parallel or multithreaded programming standards, parsing, syntax and semantic checking, grammars, Intermediate representations. Experience with EDG front end technology a plus. Experience with heterogeneous computing languages like CUDA and OpenCL a plus

• Compiler Middle End: Development of architecture independent optimization technology - control flow analysis, data flow analysis, SSA, global optimizations, inter-procedural optimizations, loop optimizations, feedback directed optimizations and performance analysis. Experience with homogeneous multi-core( e.g. x86) and heterogeneous multi-core( x86 + GPU) architectures, vector architectures and multi-threaded architectures is desirable.

• Compiler Back End/Code Generation: Design and development of target specific optimization and code generation for CPU’s and GPU’s and(or) design and development of just in time compilers. Specific focus on instruction selection, register allocation, instruction scheduling, object file formats, debug formats, performance analysis, linking and loading. Experience with homogeneous multi-core(x86) and heterogeneous multi-core( e.g. x86 + GPU) architectures, vector architectures,and multi-threaded architectures is desirable

• Experience in parallel programming and multi-threaded API's like OpenMp, CUDA, OpenCL and TBB a plus

• Experience with re-targetable compiler frameworks like GCC, LLVM, Open64 a plus

• Experienced in using tools profiling tools a plus
• Possess strong analysis and problem solving skills
• Possess good communication skills, spoken and written English is required
• Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Electric/Computer Engineering or Mathematics is required and an advanced degree( Masters or a PhD) is preferred.
Job #:  413

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