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Job #:  416
Job Title:  Senior Compiler Developer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  11-Jul-2012
Position:  compiler
Location:  Seattle, WA
Area Code:  206
Skills:  compiler, backend, optimization, JIT, shader, gpu, cpu,vector, OpenMp, CUDA, OpenCL, gcc, llvm
Job Description:  This is an opportunity to work on one of the most important trends/technologies in computing-fusion of cpu and gpu.

Bachelor degree in Computer Science or Electric/Computer Engineering or Mathematics. An advanced degree( Masters or a PhD) is preferred

Experience in one or more of the following skill set:

• Compiler Front End: Implementation of C/C++, Fortran, parallel or multithreaded programming standards, parsing, syntax and semantic checking, grammars, Intermediate representations.

• Compiler Middle End: Development of Architecture independent optimization technology, e.g Control flow analysis , Data flow analysis, SSA, Global Optimizations, Inter-procedural Optimizations, Loop optimizations, Feedback directed optimizations and performance analysis. Target architectures: homogeneous multi-core( x86) and heterogeneous multi-core( x86 + GPU) architectures, vector architectures, multi-threaded architectures

• Compiler Back End: Low level optimization and Code Generation for CPU’s and GPU’s, Just in Time compilers, shader compilers with the following areas of focus - instruction selection, register allocation, scheduling, object file formats, debug formats, performance analysis, linking and loading. Target architectures: homogeneous multi-core(x86) and heterogeneous multi-core( x86 + GPU) architectures,vector architectures, multi-threaded architectures

Experience in parallel programming API's like OpenMp, CUDA, OpenCL, TBB a plus

• Experience with re-targetable compiler frameworks like GCC, LLVM, Open64 a plus

• Experienced in using tools profiling tools a plus
• Possess strong analysis and problem solving skills
• Possess good communication skills, spoken and written English is required
• At least 10 years of industry experience in building compiler technology and products
Job #:  416

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