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Job #:  389
Job Title:  LLVM Compiler Developers
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  11-Jul-2012
Position:  compiler
Location:  Austin, TX
Area Code:  512
Skills:  compiler, assemblers, linkers, loaders, debugger, LLVM, VM, compiler internals, Java, C/C++, embedded software development
Job Description:  These are openings for experienced front, middle and backend compiler engineers to optimize LLVM for performance and power for company's multicore chips. The work involves collaboration with the silicon and OS teams at as well as the general LLVM community.
- Experience in compiler development - code generation and optimization
- Working knowledge of assemblers, linkers, loaders, object file formats, instruction set simulators, debuggers and experience using them.
- Knowledge of the structure & function of the virtual machine internals bytecode format
- Knowledge of the structure and function of the compiler internals.
- Knowledge of compilation challenges and potential solutions for languages like Java
- Knowledge of instruction sets and computer architectures
- Strong background in embedded software development
- Strong assembly language programming and optimization and analyzing compiler generated code for optimization/code generation opportunities.
- 5 to 10 years of programming experience in C/C++.
- Experience with large scale software build, integration and test environments
- Strong communication and interpersonal skills required
- LLVM or any industrial strength compiler development experience
- Proven track record in contributing to open source projects desirable
- Familiar with scripting languages used in build systems and hands-on experience on debugging embedded systems preferred
Job #:  389

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