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Job #:  430
Job Title:  Compiler Engineer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  31-Aug-2012
Position:  compiler
Location:  Seattle or Portland
Area Code:  425
Skills:  optimizing compilers, operating systems, toolchain, assembly, mutli-threaded software, JIT, profilers, debuggers
Job Description:  Compiler Engineer
Positions for Compiler Engineers developing software as the primary job function. You will Design, develop, debug & test complex software in any field e.g., systems software, software development tools, applications, drivers, numerical methods, UI?s, web. May work directly with companies developing and optimizing compilers, operating systems, and other software technologies.

You must possess a Master's or a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science, Engineering or equivalent. Additional qualifications include:
Candidate must have 4+ years work experience in the following areas
- Prior experience in compiler back-end/tools chain development (native and/or JIT) focusing on target dependent and independent performance optimizations.
- Strong C/C++ programming skills, knowledge of computer architecture of modern processors, and strong problem solving skills
- Experience with assembly language programming and multi-threaded software development
- Ability to perform root-cause analysis on software performance and correctness issues using profilers
Job #:  430

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