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Job #:  528
Job Title:  Senior R&D Engineer (Debug and Tools)
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  04-Apr-2019
Position:  compiler
Location:  San Jose, CA
Area Code:  408
Skills:  debugger, tools, processor, lead, open source, dynamic loading, hardware profiling, OS
Job Description:  Looking for a highly motivated and talented individual to take a lead role in enhancing and porting multi-core debugger, related tools and infrastructure, and target software for our configurable and extensible processor architecture to support the design and development of ML/AI Intelligent Applications at the Edge of the cloud.

Responsibilities include:

Lead development and porting of our debugger for the architecture.
Keep the port of the debugger up-to-date with the open source community.
Assist third parties porting debugger technology to our architecture.
Support host and target tools such as for dynamic loading and hardware profiling.
Add support for new and state-of-the-art architecture features.
Work on libraries that automatically adapt to custom processor extensions.
Integrate debug and trace tools targeting our hardware and simulation platforms.

This position involves working with many internal and external cross-functional teams, such as those responsible for: other debug and trace technology, operating systems, software tools, hardware development, architecture, vertical applications, customer support teams, as well as partners and key customers, among others.
Job #:  528

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