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Job #:  508
Job Title:  Compiler Engineer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  25-Oct-2017
Position:  compiler
Location:  Mountain View, CA
Area Code:  650
Skills:  compiler, language, design, parallel, distributed systems, LLVM, machine learning, GPU, DSL
Job Description:  Compiler and Language Engineer position with startup
The compiler and language team is responsible for enabling subject matter experts to discover insights about their data using our computational memory fabric. Our users want to think in
terms of domain concepts not machines and code. Your job is to unleash the immense computational power of our fabric in response to a few lines of user input.
As a compiler and language engineer you will:
● Understand the domains our users work in and the concepts that will enable them to write succinct fast programs for applications such as analytics, machine learning, or complex event processing
● Design, develop, and ship domain specific languages / compilers implementing these concepts with domain driven high-impact optimizations
● Ensure correctness, productivity and performance of end user programs and develop tools to enable users to understand and debug their applications
Experience with the following is highly valuable but not required. Interest and eagerness to figure out how things really work (or not!) is more important.
● Domain specific language, compiler design and implementation, especially for data and computationally intensive workloads
● LLVM or other compiler frameworks for optimization and code generation
● Accelerator based programming models (GPU, Xeon Phi or custom accelerators)
● Understanding of analytics programming models, streaming and dataflow systems
● Strong experience in languages such as C/C++, Go, Python and R
Job #:  508

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