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Job #:  520
Job Title:  Compiler Engineer
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  03-May-2018
Position:  compiler
Location:  San Jose, CA
Area Code:  408
Skills:  compiler, JIT, GPU, Register allocation, instruction scheduling, graphics, optimization, OpenGL, OpenCL
Job Description:  Design and implement world class JIT compiler for new GPU architecture targeting OpenGL-ES and OpenCL. Architect IR and global JIT infrastructure. Select and implement set of relevant optimizations, both at machine specific and machine independent levels, determine and implement code generation strategies (adaptive compilation, run-time feedback).
Work closely with driver team to integrate JIT into driver infrastructure and determine compilation strategies for good performance and low power.
Work closely with GPU architecture team to provide timely input on ISA and various architectural design decisions
Determine compiler testing strategies, both for unit test and application levels. Interact with the driver team to have unified testing approach.

Background & Experience

3+ years of experience with an MS/PhD CS/EE/Applied math or relevant field


Strong software design / engineering skills, C, C++, excellent debugging skills
Performance analysis
Good communication skills, strong team work
Understanding of debug support
Working knowledge of compiler technology, hands on experience in one of the following:
Register allocation, instruction scheduling, graphics specific optimizations, SIMD relevant control flow and code placement optimizations, classic machine independent optimizations preferably on low level IRs
Additional skills: compiler development for mobile architectures, knowledge of Android, knowledge of OpenGL/OpenGL-ES or DX. Knowledge of OpenCL, Clang, LLVM, practical experience in developing JIT compilers, practical experience in developing compilers for shading languages. Knowledge of GLSL or HLSL languages.
Job #:  520

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