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Job #:  435
Job Title:  GPU Compiler Architect
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  01-Nov-2012
Position:  compiler
Location:  San Jose, CA
Area Code:  408
Skills:  gpu, compiler, backend, shader, debugging, toolchain, llvm, gcc, open source
Job Description:  GPU Compiler Architect
Work closely with GPU shader architects in defining instruction set architecture (ISA); develop complier backend to generate highly optimized Shader code; develop related tool chain, and verification/debugging flow for verifying the compiler stack, and application code

In-depth knowledge in LLVM; experience in LLVM or GCC Open Source projects is a big plus

Strong background in Compiler theory and technology, and experience in Compiler/Toolchain development

Understand the principles of VM/JIT, and applications in GPU shader compiler is a big plus

MS or above in Computer Science
8 years related experience in GPU or CPU Compiler
Job #:  435

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