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521 GCC Compiler Engineer compiler, GCC, toolchain, LLVM, Linux kernel, debugger, dynamic translation, GNU, GPU Campbell, CA 04-Jun-2018
510 Big Data Product Engineer machine learning, AI, performance, Java, C/C++, SQL, and/or Scala, software stack, Big Data, Distributed Systems Mountain View, CA 25-Oct-2017
470 Research Engineer OS Kernel OS, kernel, Linux, PhD, Scala, Erlang, Swift, Golang, Rust, Hypervisor, virtual memory, threads, interrupts, GPU, Unix, Solaris Palo Alto, CA 02-Oct-2014
449 Senior Linux Networking Software Engineer networking, internals, Linux on x86 PCs, wired, wireless, IPv6 Sunnyvale, CA 24-Jun-2013
429 GPU Shader Compiler Engineer C/C++, compiler optimization, gpu, open GL, Open CL, LLVM, Clang, simulator, drivers, high performance, FPGA Cupertino, CA. 22-Oct-2012
427 Virtualization Hypervisor Architect architect, virtualization, hypervisor, Xen, KVM, VMware, OS, kernel, verilog, Linux, Unix, software, hardware Austin, TX 27-Jun-2012
421 Platform Sr/Principal Engineer: Linux and Platforms cor development, kernel, windows, linux, drivers, virtualization, security, cloud Milpitas, CA 15-Jun-2012
419 Senior Engineer/Technical Lead: Virtualization lead, virtualization, KVM, Xen, VMWare, cloud, hypervisor, security, Linux Milpitas, CA 15-Jun-2012

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