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Job #:  427
Job Title:  Virtualization Hypervisor Architect
Perm or Contract:  Permanent
Date Posted:  27-Jun-2012
Position:  SW Engineer
Location:  Austin, TX
Area Code:  512
Skills:  architect, virtualization, hypervisor, Xen, KVM, VMware, OS, kernel, verilog, Linux, Unix, software, hardware
Job Description:  To staff our growing Operating System Research Center we are looking
for Virtualization Architect

As Virtualization Architect you are responsible for the coordination and implementation of virtualization features both on the hardware as well as the software side. This includes CPUs as well as GPUs on the hardware side. On the software side the development of support for new hardware features needs to be coordinated for Xen, KVM, VMware as well as other hypervisors.


- 10+ years experience as a software and hardware engineer
- Good expertise in the architecture of modern operating systems, hypervisors and processors
- In-depth understanding of CPU components like memory managers,
instruction virtualization and IOMMUs
- Previous involvement in Open Source hypervisor or kernel development is a plus
- Excellent knowledge of C
- Basic verilog skills
- Excellent communication skills
- Good knowledge of Linux and Unix system tools
- Careful and reliable working style
- Capacity for teamwork
Job #:  427

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