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511 C/C++ Software Engineer C/C++, Big Data, computer architecture, compiler, C++11, Linux OS, software stack, FPGA, GPU Mountain View, CA 9-Jan-2018
509 C/C++ Software Intern C/C++, Linux OS, C++11, computer architecture, distributed systems Mountain View, CA 12-Jun-2017
482 Embedded Software Architect Embedded device driver development , multi-threaded applications, C/C++, Perl, scripting, FPGA, debugging, scopes and logic-analyzers, tools, GUI, compiler San Mateo, CA 10-Jul-2015
427 Virtualization Hypervisor Architect architect, virtualization, hypervisor, Xen, KVM, VMware, OS, kernel, verilog, Linux, Unix, software, hardware Austin, TX 27-Jun-2012
425 Manager Software Development manager, 3D graphics, drivers, software development, CPU, GPU Orlando, FL 21-Jun-2012
414 Systems Architecture Tools Software Developer profilers, debuggers, performance analysis, compilers, disassembler Austin, TX 29-Mar-2012

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